The legacy of Chuck Colson

by David Wills  |  April 24, 2012  |  Type: Stories

This past weekend I stayed in my parents' home in Dallas. On the shelf in the upstairs bedroom was the book Born Again by Chuck Colson. It was the version with the original black and yellow jacket cover. The one that shows Chuck's profile in black and white on the left with the White House in the lower left-hand corner. On the right side of the jacket is Chuck's profile in color. The contrast from left to right is a picture of a man who was "born again" in mid-life. My mom and dad read this book when I was in high school. It impacted their lives, as well as my own, for all eternity.

NCF has had the distinct privilege of serving Chuck and the many efforts he initiated throughout his amazing life. Most notably Prison Fellowship, but there were many others. Angel Tree, Justice Fellowship, Breakpoint, The Centurions Program, and The Manhattan Project to name a few. Everyone should read Born Again, Loving God, The Body, A Dance with Deception, How Now Shall We Live … and that just gets you through the 90s! He was a voice for the Church in these trying times.

Not long ago, I was with Chuck, and he mentioned how thankful he was for NCF. On March 22, 2012, I received a letter from him. In it, Chuck wrote to me, "Thanks so much for your good letter telling me of the grants that have come through the National Christian Foundation to Prison Fellowship. I had no idea they were this great. So this is a very encouraging report to us."

Chuck has been a mentor to many of us that are following in his footsteps. He will probably be remembered most for the things he did. I will remember him most for the man he was. He so loved his Savior that it came out all the time. He was truly unashamed of the Gospel. He so loved our country and desired for it to return to God. Even more importantly, he was a man of integrity and great faith ... an intellectual giant who was as comfortable interacting with a world leader as a prison inmate.

He was a tireless defender of the faith. He always had hope. He will be missed by the body of believers he leaves behind. Thank you, God, for the gifts you gave this great man. Thank you, Chuck for stewarding them so well. We will be with you soon.

David Wills is President of National Christian Foundation in our Atlanta office. His passions are centered on generosity and eternity, and he therefore invests his time helping others "lay up treasure in heaven" (Matthew 6:20). 
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