Introduction: The importance of a good plan

by NCF staff  |  May 17, 2016  |  Type: Planning

We all want to make the biggest possible impact with our generosity. But how many times have we given spontaneously in response to a direct mailer's emotional photo? Or committed to a friend without much thought when they called us out of the blue for missionary support?

While spur-of-the-moment, Spirit-led generosity has its important place at times, if it becomes a regular pattern, we can end up with unfocused, nonstrategic giving that keeps us from maximizing our impact for those in need – around the corner and around the world. 

That's why it's important that we, as Christians, take time to plan ...

  • To prayerfully consider how our beliefs about money shape our actions
  • To discover which causes we're truly passionate about
  • To set financial finish lines and annual and lifetime giving goals
  • To learn why what we give can be as critical as how much we give
  • To evaluate charities doing the best work right now, and ...
  • To measure the ultimate, lasting impact of the gifts we've made.   

It may take you an hour at a coffee shop to read these stories here online, or you may want to devote more time alone or with family to dive deep. But whatever you choose, we encourage you to slow down, pray, think, study, and seek God's leading. The reward will surely be a wiser, more targeted approach to your giving that frees you up to say yes when you should say yes, and no when you should say no.

And the potential to multiply your impact for the causes you really care about is unlimited.

So let's get started!

>> First ... Create your Giving Mission Statement (Step 1 of 5)

Photo: Lazarus Ministries

Multiply your impact
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