Choosing the right advisor for your giving

by NCF staff  |  January 22, 2014  |  Type: Insights

Every year, we work with hundreds of professional advisors, such as financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys. One thing we've observed is the invaluable role that the right advisor can play in helping people make the most of their giving.

If you’ve never chosen an advisor, or haven't given much thought to the relationship you have with yours, you may be wondering, “What are some of the characteristics that I should be looking for?”

Here are few questions to consider during your search:

  1. Are they technically competent?
    Being Christian is important but it's only one piece of the puzzle. Do they have experience and expertise? It's important to ask about credentials and talk to some of their other clients.

  2. Do they have a Biblical worldview? 
    Because we are merely stewards of all God has given us, those we seek counsel from should hold the same worldview. If not, there will inevitably be conflict.

  3. Are they living out a generous life pattern? 
    Do they act like stewards, too? Do they seek God when making decisions? How much do they give to God’s work?

  4. Do they have an eternal perspective on money? 
    Your advisor’s focal point should be focused on preservation and steady growth (Proverbs 28:20), and on funding God’s Kingdom.

  5. Are they a person of truth and integrity?
    Your advisor should adhere to the highest level of integrity by respecting confidentiality and operating within the law. They should also be willing to tell you honestly if they feel like you’re making the wrong financial decisions.

  6. Am I comfortable with them? 
    If both you and your spouse don’t have a good sense about an advisor, it's probably not wise to work with them. When dealing with a married couple, the advisor should weigh both spouse’s goals and interests equally. And they should always put your best interests above their own.

A trusted professional advisor could be the key you've needed to take your giving to the next level.

Who knows what type of impact you could have?

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