Set your 2015 giving goals today! (with how-to video)

by NCF staff  |  January 27, 2015  |  Type: Insights

Most everyone has goals in their life. From sports to weight loss to Bible study to schoolwork, our activities are best fulfilled by the pursuit of tangible achievements. They motivate us, challenge us, and inspire us.

And when it comes to giving, goals can be just as powerful. Imagine the joy of planning to give away $10,000 this year and accomplishing that. Or maybe for you, it's $100,000. Or perhaps you hope to give $1 million away over your entire lifetime. Regardless of how many zeros you include in your numbers, there is tremendous power in setting goals, determining how you'll meet them, and seeing the fruit of your faithfulness come to life over time.

When you log in to your Giving Fund with NCF, one of the exciting features of our new website is the PLAN section. This is where you will find tools to help you give more wisely, set tangible goals for your giving, and see how you're progressing throughout the year.

Of course, goals can't be created haphazardly or in a vacuum. Giving goals are highly interrelated with financial goals, so the first step must include a proper examination of your personal or family financial priorities. Financial advisor and NCF Co-Founder, Ron Blue, says, “Most Americans have a fear of not having enough money to last throughout their lifetime. This fear is one of the greatest obstacles to experiencing the joy of giving.” One way to overcome this fear is through the concept of setting a “financial finish line.”

Ron explains, “I encourage people to set a finish line in terms of income and wealth. Decide the limit of your lifestyle, and then set a cap. This is important to do in advance because as your wealth increases, so do the endless ways to spend, save, or invest it – and the finish line gets pushed further and further away.”

For a Kingdom-minded approach to setting goals for your giving, consider these three important questions:

  • How much is enough? – Determine how much you truly need to live on for the remainder of your life.

  • How much should I give to my children and grandchildren? – Don't forget to consider who your next steward is and whether they're prepared or not for any wealth transfer you have planned.

  • Should I give now or later? – Once you’ve determined how much is enough for you and your family, the rest of your estate is free for giving. And giving now, instead of waiting until you're gone, is a wonderful choice, because you can see the compounding fruits of your generosity in action for years to come.

When you've considered the three key issues above, you're ready to create your giving goals. We encourage you to log in to your Giving Fund and visit the PLAN section of our website. You can set annual goals such as a 12-month, calendar-year timeframe for current and/or future years, as well as lifetime goals for the entire lifetime of your Giving Fund with NCF. Both annual and lifetime goals can include (1) Gift goals – how much money you want to donate into your Giving Fund in the form of checks, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, business interests, and more, and (2) Grant goals – how much money you want to request NCF to send to your favorite charities and causes.

>> Log in to your Giving Fund and visit the PLAN section to set your goals today, or watch the how-to video below.

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