The Untold Story: NCF's 2015 Ministry Report

by NCF staff  |  April 15, 2015  |  Types: News, Resources

From deploying an MP3 version of the Bible to military troops to establishing a free dental clinic in downtown Albuquerque, God's story is alive and moving in the lives of the generous givers, advisors, ministries, and churches that we serve every day at NCF. Their personal testimonies of the causes they support and the communities they love allow us to catch a glimpse of an expansive, beautiful story ... beyond what any of us could ever imagine.

This is the encouraging perspective that we want to share with you here, in our 2015 Ministry Report. In contrast to today's news headlines fillled with evil, we know there are countless stories of God's love that remain untold. But we must never let it be so. God has a story, and so do we, and it can transform the hearts around us.

His story connects us.

Our stories are the way we document our faith.

The story matters.

Let it be told!

>> View The Untold Story (PDF, 3MB)

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