Giving Fund Investment Options

You have a variety of options for how your Giving Fund balance can be invested for growth, based on your desired risk tolerance and your time horizon for recommending grants to charities. You can make your investment selection when opening a Fund (see the "Open a Fund" link in the top right), or after you log in under the "Fund settings" section. 

Investment pools
The simplest option is to choose from one of our investment pools, which range from stable value with no risk of fluctuation in principal value, to very high risk with substantial exposure to market fluctuations. Therefore, you have the opportunity to experience gains and losses in value over time ... learn more

Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)
If you prefer a more customized approach for how your assets are managed in your Giving Fund, NCF offers Separately Managed Accounts. Once your Fund balance is over $300,000 you can recommend a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to manage the assets in the Fund ... learn more


Investment reports

View the latest quarterly returns for NCF's Giving Fund investment pool options ... read more

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