New investment options for your Giving Fund

by NCF staff  |  April 01, 2016  |  Type: News

With more options for investing your Giving Fund than ever before, we’re making it easier for you to move with the market and decide how your balance can be invested for growth.

Here are the changes you’ll notice when you log into your Fund:

  • New pool names – To better reflect industry standards for asset allocation, we’ve changed the names of the pools to: 
    • Balanced Growth – 50% equity (formerly Growth)
    • Balanced Income – 35% equity  (formerly Balanced)
    • Moderate Income – 25% equity (formerly Conservative)
    • Fixed Income (formerly Bond)
    • Growth – 70% equity (new pool)
    • Money Market (name unchanged)
  • New sixth pool – For more diversity, you’ll have an additional pool option: Growth - 70% equity. This aggressive allocation is less diversified across asset classes and has the heaviest weighting to equities. It is intended for long-term holding periods of greater than 7 years.
  • Option to change every 30 days – Instead of having to wait 90 days, you can change your pools every 30 days for greater flexibility in investing.
  • Unlimited pool selections – To allow for a more diverse mix, you can now choose as many pools as you want instead of being limited to only two pool selections. 

We know that you care about making the most of the resources that God has entrusted to you. And we pray that that these changes will result in an even greater impact for the causes you love.

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