Four ways to kick off your summer of giving!

by NCF staff  |  May 24, 2016  |  Type: Insights

We often think of summer as a time for backyard barbecues and pool parties – the perfect season to get together as a family. But the extra family time also provides ample opportunities to remind your kids or grandkids that there are many who are less fortunate. This year, why not enjoy a summer of significance with your children by focusing on the needs of others?

Here are a few ways you can give back as a family:

  • Open a Giving Fund for your kids or grandkids – If you're already giving with NCF, there's no better time to invite the children in your life into that experience with you. Contact our team to open up Giving Funds for each of them, and consider transferring money from your Fund to theirs to kickstart their journey of generosity. Help them set giving goals for the summer, and encourage them to research causes and ministries that they're interested in before recommending grants online.

  • Serve at a local church or ministry – From Vacation Bible School to summer youth camps, there are so many opportunities for you and your children to participate in local ministry work together. Consider choosing five charities in your home town and visiting one per day with your family. Your children may even want to bring along friends to serve with them.

  • Go on a family mission trip – Though it might be too late to join an international trip, your local church or ministry likely has numerous short-term mission opportunities just a short drive away. These can provide time for family bonding that is far more meaningful than TV or pool time.
  • Give from summer job earnings – From flipping burgers to lifeguarding at the neighborhood pool, the summer months offer teens and college students many opportunities to make a few bucks between semesters. If your child is working, encourage him or her to set aside a portion of their income to give to your family’s church or a favorite ministry. Even if your child isn't making a huge amount, learning to be generous with a little will go a long way towards instilling a lifelong love of helping others.

These are just a few ideas to help you inspire your kids to give over the coming months. 

>> Get started today, and download our resource guide, The Generous Family, for more ways to involve your family in giving

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