Announcing NCF's Inside Giving podcast!

by NCF staff  |  October 04, 2016  |  Type: Podcasts

Our team at NCF is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast ... Inside Giving: Inspiring Stories of Biblical Generosity.

In our first episode (listen or subscribe below), we hear how Missouri businessman Clyde Lear and his wife, Sue, made a covenant with God to invest in others by leveraging their time and treasure. One way they accomplished this was by using NCF to give away part of Clyde's business, Learfield Communications – a multimedia enterprise and respected leader in collegiate sports marketing for more than 120 teams across the country.

Clyde teamed up with NCF to maximize the impact of his business sale and send more to ministry, instead of taxes. He explains, “I gave [NCF] a lot of stock in Learfield, and then when we had the sale happen, they were the recipient of all that cash, and that went in our Giving Fund so we could give that money away later.”

With the proceeds from the sale, Clyde and Sue were able to help fund one of their lifelong giving dreams, to build a Young Life Camp in Missouri. He describes the experience this way: “As an entrepreneur, having a great sale or doing a great deal brought wonderful satisfaction. There is a high about it that you just absolutely love. And when we got to see that first bus pulling into the Young Life camp, it was that same high. Is there such thing as a giving high? I think maybe we’ve found it!”

Inside Giving's hosts: Boyd Bailey (left) and John Putnam (right)


Clyde Lear at his office


Learfield Communications' headquarters in Jefferson City, MO

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