5 ways to use your Giving Fund after a natural disaster

by NCF staff  |  September 12, 2017  |  Type: Insights

From hurricanes and monsoons to wildfires and earthquakes, providing relief in the awful aftermath of natural disasters is a primary objective for many givers at the National Christian Foundation (NCF).

For example, in just two weeks, givers used their Giving Funds (donor-advised funds) to recommend close to $4 million in grants to local and national charities in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. As more devastation rolls in from Irma and other recent natural disasters around the world, here are a few ways to use your Giving Fund to help people during these critical times:

  1. Give now. If you have a Giving Fund at NCF, it’s likely that you have an available Fund balance for times like this. You can easily log in to your Fund from your phone or laptop 24/7 to recommend grants quickly right when a natural disaster hits. 

  2. Give later. It's important to remember that the need for support doesn’t end when media coverage dies down. As time goes by, donations slack, and relief efforts and organizations struggle. You can make a difference by setting up a recurring grant from your Giving Fund to provide ongoing support during the critical months and years ahead.

  3. Give stocks or non-cash assets. If you really want to step up your giving, consider giving stocks or non-cash assets. These types of tax-efficient donations may help you reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes, get a bigger deduction, and give more overall to provide relief through grants to Christian nonprofits. Your Giving Fund makes it easy to give in times of crisis. Learn more about non-cash giving.

  4. Follow NCF’s blog and social media. When disaster strikes, the National Christian Foundation can help you avoid scams and frauds. We provide lists of carefully selected, on-the-ground charities that are actively mobilizing volunteers, supplies, and critical support for victims. So follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest information from local NCF offices in the affected area and recommendations on Christian charities and other nonprofits that are doing good work on the front lines of relief.

  5. Set a disaster relief giving goal for the future. Studies show that many natural disasters are recurring and cyclical. Hurricane season comes around every Fall, and wildfires are always a threat in the summer. Consider setting a giving goal for seasons of distress by scheduling a future grant recommendation for your favorite relief organizations during these times.

If you don't have a Giving Fund at NCF yet, learn more or open one today. Now is the time to make a difference. 

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Photo: Samaritan's Purse

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