Mexico earthquake, Hurricane Maria: How you can help today

by NCF staff  |  September 22, 2017  |  Type: News

After another week of devastating natural disasters – the Mexico earthquake and Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean – many givers at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) are wondering how they can join the relief efforts and help give hope to the countless victims.

Last week, we published this list of 5 ways you can use your Giving Fund in times of disaster. And we also recently launched special listings for Hurricanes Irma and Harvey of charities that are working on the ground in the affected areas.

For the Mexico earthquake and Hurricane Maria, and anytime throughout the year, you can log in to your Giving Fund and vist the Charities page, then select "Disaster Relief" from the dropdown menu in the center of the page. This will filter your Charities page to only list organizations that provide disaster relief services around the globe. You can then review their charity profile pages and click to their Facebook page to learn which ones are involved in the particular disaster or cause you're interested in supporting. 

If you don't have a Giving Fund at NCF yet, learn more or open one today. You can make a difference. 


Or ...

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Multiply your impact
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