Alabama COVID-19 Relief Fund

Several people have said they want to do something to help local ministries, but don’t know what to do.  Eight local ministries have put their heads together and come up with an idea that supports our entire community.

We have several local ministries that operate thrift stores in the Birmingham area.  They offer a great service to our low-income neighborhoods by providing a place for people to shop for clothes and furniture at very low prices.  Unfortunately, they have been shut down as non-essential businesses.  This not only deprives the low-income communities of these bargains, but also eliminates the income the ministries receive from their sales.  This income is vital to cover their operating expenses for the other services they provide to our community.

The idea is to not only get some immediate cash to these ministries, but also do something to generate traffic when they can re-open.  We would like to raise at least $100,000 in the next 10 days that we would then use to purchase gift cards from these thrift stores to be redeemed when they re-open. They have agreed to sell the gift cards for 50% of value.  So $100,000 would generate $200,000 in gift cards.  The ministries would distribute them in whatever denominations they choose through their current network of churches and ministries that serve these communities.  If, for example, they give them out in $25 increments, $200,000 would generate 8,000 shoppers once they re-open.  

Thank you for giving to help ministries through these difficult times by purchasing gift cards to enable Thrift Stores to be opened back up to serve their communities as well as allow them to employ as many people as possible! Please click on the DONATE NOW button above to give via e-check or credit card and NCF will issue you a receipt!