Benefits of asset-based giving
By donating non-cash assets first – rather than selling them first, paying taxes, and giving the net proceeds – you typically receive a tax deduction for the full fair-market value of your gift, as well as avoid capital gains taxes. This is just one of the benefits of asset-based giving ... read more

  Get started: Asset Donation Form
If you're ready to begin the process of donating your non-cash asset, use our Asset Donation Form to share details about your gift such as the present/projected value and your goal for its ultimate distribution to charity ... get started

  "More than we ever imagined"
"NCF gives me the opportunity to donate appreciated stock to my Giving Fund, avoid the capital gains tax, and provide those funds for Christian ministry immediately. We've been able to give more than we ever imagined."
Bill Kinschner, Mills River, NC

  Examples and strategies
There are many creative ways to give from non-cash wealth, and each brings its own set of benefits and tax advantages. Here are several examples and strategies to help you learn more:
Multiply your impact
Can you imagine having an extra $1 million to give to your favorite charity? Watch as one entrepreneur talks about how he turned the sale of his business into a Kingdom investment with big returns for world ... read more
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