Going deeper and finding joy: Jeff Thomas' generosity story

by NCF staff  |  August 11, 2015  |   Category: Stories
NCF giver Jeff Thomas loves his job as a professional advisor. But he wasn’t always this joyful. “During my frst 10 years as an advisor, I had my head down, building financial plans and investment strategies for clients,” says ... read full post
Like most of us, NCF giver Zach Hunter grew up learning about the great abolitionists of the Civil War era such as Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. But in 7th grade, ... read full post
When NCF giver, Terry Leprino (pictured above on the left), was in ninth grade, her YoungLife leader was the first person to help her encounter a personal relationship with ... read full post
Thanksgiving is approaching, and the end of the year will soon be here. That can only mean one thing for generous givers ... year-end gifts and grants! Did you know that so ... read full post
It's a bone-chilling night, and rain is falling softly on the misty streets of Seattle. In the shadows of the gleaming skyscrapers that house burgeoning high-tech start-ups ... read full post
Matt and Loretta Mancinelli and their friends have a church. But it doesn’t meet in a building each week. They preach loudly about generosity all the time, but ... read full post
How does a suburban family from just north of Atlanta end up trekking through slums on the other side of the world? For Todd and Susan Peterson and their children, their ... read full post
A major part of our mission at NCF is to encourage and support those who serve on the front lines of advancing the Kingdom. So last week we headed to one of the largest ... read full post
Let's say you want to live more generously this coming year. And you want to help equip others around you to live with an open hand. So how do you do that? For those of us ... read full post
In 2006, I remember standing in the Mumbai airport at the conclusion of my sixth trip to India. While I was outside the terminal, a young girl came up to me begging for ... read full post
Multiply your impact
Many generous individuals with income-producing real estate have a heart to give charitably but feel hindered by their limited cash flow, illiquid assets, and growing taxation. We have a solution which allows you to give real estate (commercial real ... read more
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