Thanksgiving is over, and the end of the year will soon be here. That can only mean one thing for generous givers ... year-end contributions and grant recommendations! Did you know that so far this year thousands of individuals and families have ... read full post
Want to simplify your giving and multiply your impact? Or if you're already an NCF giver, do you know a friend or family member who does? If so, NCF has an easy-to-establish, ... read full post
With all the emphasis on stretching a dollar these days, have you thought about how to make your giving dollars go further this year-end giving season? If you’re ... read full post
What difference does it make how you give? Well, for a sick child and his family, it could make all the difference in the world. And by giving appreciated stock instead of ... read full post
We all enjoy doing things for our children – buying them something special, taking them on a fun outing, throwing a great birthday party. At the same time, though, many ... read full post
If you're a professional advisor or know someone who is, you'll want to read and share this great article on the benefits of using NCF Giving Funds. It’s no ... read full post
For the past six months, we've been reading through the Bible as a community using The Discipleship Journey Reading Plan. Together, we've read Genesis through 2 ... read full post
Starting the first week of January, we've been reading through the Bible as a community using The Discipleship Journey Reading Plan. So far we've journeyed together ... read full post
Diets, exercise, and cleaning your garage. These are all things that top many people's list of 2012 resolutions. But beyond these old, tired goals are some fresh, new ways to ... read full post
Wow – We saw God do amazing things in 2011, and we look expectantly to how, through His amazing grace, He will work through us in 2012! And so we've decided to once ... read full post
Multiply your impact
Only a select group of entrepreneurs ever have the opportunity to sell their successful company for a sizeable gain. Many of these business owners have a heart to give charitably, but don't know where to turn for wise counsel in the midst of a ... read more
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