Blessings while we wait

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Waiting: the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.

As we head into the second half of April, we’re finding ourselves very still. The Bible says a lot about being still (Psalm 46:10-11, Exodus 14:14), and quiet (Habakkuk 2:20), and waiting to see what He’s doing for us (1 Samuel 12:16).

Waiting means staying where one is. Isn’t that ironic — we can certainly all relate to that right now! Part of being still is waiting, which is hard. We don’t like to wait. In lines, on the phone, for a response to an email. But, it’s often in the waiting that we find the biggest blessings. Even today, in our shelter-in-place stillness, we can see that God is working.

  • The hungry are being fed. A ministry called our office this week to thank us, and told us that a recent $500 grant was able to feed 300 families in need. Sounds a lot like the loaves and fishes that Jesus used.
  • Churches have reported an increase in online attendance compared to in-person attendance before the pandemic. Continue to invite people to your church…online.
  • You are mobilizing resources into His kingdom. Grant dollars sent from NCF Carolinas’ givers last month increased 74% over March 2019.
  • NCF Givers are utilizing partner ministries to support those in need. Through these partners, grants are supporting individuals and families who have been directly affected by the pandemic.
  • We’re encouraging one another. Watch videos of apartment tenants from around the world singing songs together or applauding health care workers as they change shifts. A smile or an encouraging word, even through a homemade mask, can be a blessing to someone.
  • The earth is revitalizing itself. In some areas, the skies are bluer and the waters cleaner with the absence of pollution.
  • We’re meeting new neighbors or checking in with ones we haven’t talked to in a while, even with social-distancing. Community matters.

There are opportunities all around us to continue to do good and to bless others. Lots of things have been cancelled, it’s true. And we’re waiting. But one thing remains certain, God’s will and His grace cannot be cancelled.