Generosity Changes Everything: NCF's 2012 Ministry Report

by NCF staff  |  May 31, 2012  |  Type: Resources

For three decades at the National Christian Foundation (NCF), we have seen thousands of lives transformed by the power of generosity. From the community of generous givers we serve to the ministries we support to the recipients who are blessed, from those with meager resources to those who give much it’s clear that generosity changes everything, every time. And in our 2012 Ministry Report, we celebrate this and share powerful stories of lives transformed.

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When our hearts are open to give, God uses whatever is in our hands to bless others no matter how insignificant it may seem. Just like the loaves and fishes, it may not seem to add up. But generosity always changes the equation. From obedience to abundance, we catch a glimpse of the infinite multiplication that is the very nature of the first and greatest Giver of all. And we are transformed more into His image every time we give.

One beautiful example of how generosity changes everything can be seen through one man's choice to give up a week of his time to love on the people of Liberia. Last June when Chris and his church visited a Liberian safe house for abused children in 2011, a five-year-old boy named Junior couldn’t walk or speak. Within two days – after Chris and others on his mission team simply spent time with him, encouraging and helping him – he was on his feet, walking with minimal assistance. Chris was gently reminded ... with God, anything is possible!  

Another story of impact
comes in the form of an unlikely friendship between Michael, a young college student, and Chuck, a Waco, Texas residence, currently living without a home. After meeting at the local grocery store, Michael witnessed Chuck taking off his shoes and giving them, with a warm blanket, to another homeless man sitting on the curb in front of the store. Michael was absolutely stunned at Chuck's act of generosity. From that point on, Michael and Chuck began sharing weekly meals, attending the same church, and even sharing in their love of music together. Because they were both generous with their time, talents, and treasure, their lives completely changed. And in the process, they were able to gain a deeper understanding of Christ's love for us and others. 


So you've read others' stories. Now it's time to share your own. Visit our Facebook page today to post your photo or brief story, and inspire others with how generosity really does change everything!


See the source of the statistics on pages 14-15.

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