Generosity and Life Transformation

Hear how a successful financial advisor achieved the “American Dream” but wasn’t satisfied. 

“I discovered that what I had before was not stewardship of God’s stuff but a profit-sharing plan with God.  He got His 10% and I got my 90%.  (My wife and I) did a 6 month experiment to cap our income and give the rest away.  We are more financially free now than we’ve ever been.  I’ve been able to see the ugly parts of myself, greed and envy, but more than ever I’ve seen God’s grace in my life.  I see more clearly today what I’m being saved from than I ever have.”

To not be financially independent but to be financially free.

Tim Mohns

Tim Mohns is a Chicago area Giving Champion and co-founder of NCF Chicago.  He is a successful financial advisor and coach with Raymond James in Naperville, IL.