Holding the Rope During a Pandemic

Dear NCF Chicago Family,

We are living in time of uncertainty, stress, frustration, and countless other emotions. We may feel helpless sitting at home wondering how and if we can help. At these moments, I would encourage you to look at a group of English pastors from the late 18th century.

The country of India was covered in spiritual darkness and it desperately needed the gospel of Jesus Christ. A pastor from England, William Carey, said to his friends, “I will go down if you will hold the rope.” And down he went spending 41 years in India proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. However, not all of Carey’s friends went with him. His friend, Andrew Fuller was one who stayed in England and championed for Carey by promoting the ministry, praying, and providing finances. Fuller never traveled across the ocean but he played a very important role by holding the rope.

In our current situation, we play a vital role in our community by being rope holders through prayer, finances, encouragement, and supplies. This webpage is designed to share a few areas where our community could use support, equip you with articles and resources, and encourage you with stories of compassionate generosity.

Your NCF Chicago Team
Joe, Jeff, Valerie, Missy, and Elise

Local Giving Suggestions

1) Homelessness and Aid

  • Chicago Fellowship COVID-19 Relief Fund  Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Together, more is possible. That’s why Chicago Fellowship is partnering with seven trusted nonprofits and several locally-owned food companies to provide meals, PPE, and employment to the city’s most vulnerable. NCF Givers can support this project by making a fund to fund transfer to The Chicago Fellowship COVID-19 Relief Fund #3281347
  • Chicago DeliversDonate Now
    Chicago Delivers is a partnership of local churches working to provide food assistance & encourage vital social distancing in vulnerable neighborhoods of Chicago during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Renew ProjectGrant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    During the global COVID-19 crisis, the Renew Project’s Artisans are working hard to supply handmade face masks for medical professionals and non-profits. By sponsoring a face mask, you are gifting protection to essential non-profits and medical professionals while providing employment to refugee Artisans.
  • C24/7Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Support the C24/7 free weekly store for Rogers Park families to pick up household goods and groceries. Donations will also assist families who lost a job or income and need help with bills and rent during this time.
  • Midwest Food Bank BloomingtonGrant through MyGiving Donate Now
    The COVID-19 virus has disrupted every life in the areas we serve. Businesses have suspended or curtailed operations. Even as our world begins to open up, those suffering from food insecurity continues to increase.  Monetary donations give Midwest Food Bank the flexibility to serve the growing need.
  • Salvation Army Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
     The Salvation Army continues to serve individuals, families and communities affected in numerous ways by coronavirus and the economic ramifications of control measures.
  • PADS Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Since the temporary closure of Interim (Overnight) Housing in March, PADS assisted 213 current clients, creating emergency housing plans, and helping 144 people in securing a safe place to stay – sheltering in place to keep safe from the spread of the virus.
  • Pacific Garden Mission Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Many are in high-risk groups for the Coronavirus, due to pre-existing health complications or senior status. They cannot buy the supplies they need and stay quietly in their homes. PGM is committed to responsibly and safely continuing to serve our neighbors in need during this crisis, but nothing can be done without the support of friends like you.

2) Education and Kids

  • Holy Family MinistriesGrant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Holy Family Ministries has put up plastic barriers at student desks and they are taking other precautions in order to provide a safe and comfortable place for the students to learn come the fall.
  • By The Hand Club For KidsGrant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Even during COVID-19, By the Hand continue live out their mission of helping kids from under-resourced neighborhoods experience abundant life by loving and nurturing them—mind, body and soul. In fact, it is more important than ever to heighten our response as we emerge from the pandemic and begin to rebuild our communities.
  • New Harbor CapitalGrant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    New Harbor Capital is launching a service initiative to bridge Chicago’s digital divide and provide computer devices to families in need. Approximately 15,000 Chicago Public Schools families currently lack computer access at home. As families become increasingly reliant on E-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, children are inevitably falling further behind due to this digital divide. NCF Givers can support this project by making a fund to fund transfer to The NHC Digital Divide Bridge Fund#3318367.

3) Medical Support

  • Samaritans Purse Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Samaritan’s Purse is looking forward to a great Operation Christmas Child season as they prayerfully consider ways to modify their collection and processing in light of COVID-19. They are monitoring local, state, and national guidelines and making adjustments to help protect the health of those involved in collecting and processing shoebox gifts. They even have the option to build a shoebox online.
  • American Red Cross, ChicagoGrant through MyGiving Donate Now
    90% of the Red Cross Workforce are volunteers but with COVID-19, it’s hard to have these volunteers help. Support the urgent humanitarian needs with a blood donation, financial gift, or supplies donation.

4) Domestic Support

5) Local Church Support

  • Give to your local Church or other small churches in your area. Many churches are facing financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Churches Helping Churches Grant through MyGiving | Donate Now
    Churches Helping Churches is an initiative that directly assists at-risk churches who are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis through funding. NCF Givers can support this project by making a fund to fund transfer to The COVID-19 Church Relief Fund #3245330. 

We recognize that there are many needs. Our goal is to start a conversation to share what we are learning regarding the best ways to help.  Please send us an email if you know of other charities on the front lines. We will sort through those and post them on this site.

Articles for Support and Encouragement

Community Stories

We would love to hear your story of generosity during this time. Our goal is to create a page where each person can see the gracious generosity of the community around us. If you want to share, submit a story by clicking the button at the bottom. You can also contact us today at chicago@ncfgiving.com or call 847-607-9596.