2019 Year-End Giving Dates to Remember

There’s no better time than now to start planning your giving before December 31.

Though it’s simple to give cash and checks into your Fund at NCF, non-cash assets such as business interests, real estate, and stock can take longer to process or liquidate, so we encourage you to get started as early as possible.

Nov 18: Supporting Organizations

All requests for the creation of a new Supporting Organization must be made by this date.

Nov 29: Real Estate Gifts

Any real estate gifts requiring a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment must be initiated with NCF by this date.

Dec 9: New SMA Accounts

Any new SMA accounts (NCF Fund assets that are separately managed by an advisor) must be set up by this date.

Dec 9: Proprietary Mutual Funds

All proprietary mutual fund transfers must be initiated by this date.

Dec 12: Grants

Grant requests must be submitted by this date if you would like a check mailed by the end of the year. Note, grants do not have to be issued by year-end for tax purposes.

Dec 20: Complex Gifts (business interests, real estate, and life insurance)

To ensure your complex gift can be completed by December 31, a completed Non-Cash Asset Donation Form and all accompanying required documents must be received by this date. Note: Due to the high volume of complex gifts at the end of the year, we encourage you to submit your documents as soon as possible. We can accept your gift as early as today with an effective date of December 31, 2019.

Dec 20: Publicly Traded Securities or E-checks

All stock and mutual fund transfers should be initiated with the transferring broker by this date. E-checks also need to be initiated by this date. A physical check or a wire transfer should be considered instead of an E-check after December 20. (Note: NCF must receive the gift by December 31 to count towards 2019 tax year.)

Dec 31: Complex Contributions

Complex gifts must be finalized by this date.

Dec 31: Cash Contributions

Physical checks and cash must be postmarked by this date. Wire transfers must be received in NCF’s bank account by this date.

This article is from the NCF Giving Season Guide. Click the button below to download the entire guide and get more inspiration to maximize generosity in the giving season.