Upcoming Generosity Events

Journey of Generosity | 2021 Dates

We call these events a Journey of Generosity because we are all on our own journeys and it is invaluable to come together to encourage each other along the way. Some of these events are overnight, and some are just one day.

The gatherings are hosted by someone who wants to encourage a conversation about generosity among friends and is guided by a Generous Giving facilitator. Together we explore the life-changing message of generosity and the power it has to bring joy, freedom, and purpose. Please know that nothing will be asked of you by anyone at the event. The desire is that you leave blessed, in addition to feeling encouraged and enriched in your journey.

Upcoming JOG/OJOG events:

Due to COVID-19, some of our JOGs have been converted to OJOGs (online Journeys of Generosity). Please note designations below:

  1. Alan Barnhardt, Memphis, TN (JOG) Hosted by our NCF-National Office | March 3 – 4, 2021
  2. Bighorn River, Montana (JOG) Destination JOG hosted by NCF- Georgia | September 22 – 26, 2021

To learn more, or to receive an invitation to any of these events, please email Matthew Hendley at mhendley@ncfgiving.com