Together We Can do More!

Many people have a Financial Strategy, but They don’t have a Giving Strategy, so they are missing opportunities and wasting money on taxes. We help people create a Giving Strategy, so they can be wise stewards of all they have, and experience the joy of greater generosity.

The National Christian Foundation (NCF) was started in 1982 by Larry Burkett, Ron Blue and Terry Parker.  It is the largest Christian grant making foundation is the world.  NCF Hawaii came on board in 2008 and is one of 30 Affiliates nationwide.

Our mission locally is “to enable followers of Christ in Hawaii to give wisely to advance His Kingdom”. The key word is “wisely”.  We address all 4 giving questions:

  1. Why give?
  2. Where to give?
  3. How much to give?
  4. How to give wisely?

We primarily focus, however, on is “How to give wisely?”  We assist Givers turn tax dollars into ministry dollars.  That is what we do.  We are Ambassadors of Generosity.  That is our calling.

Our current activities include:

  1. Assisting Givers develop a comprehensive Giving Plan.
  2. Lead small group retreats called JOGs (Journey of Generosity) in collaboration with the Generous Giving Ministry.
  3. Assisting Givers give more by giving complex non-liquid assets such as partial or full interests in real estate and family businesses to their favorite charities.
  4. Assisting Givers in setting up Giving Funds (donor advised funds) which are often described as charitable checking accounts:
    a. to simplify their giving;
    b. to receive and hold resources they wish to give later;
    c. to help plan and keep track of their giving;
    d. to encourage regular planned giving; and,
    e. to research charitable donees.
  5. Assisting Christian leaders encourage generosity in their churches and ministries.