3 ways you’ve never heard generosity explained before

Generosity, it would seem, is an easy word to define. It means demonstrating kindness or hospitality. Most often we think of generosity in terms of giving something away: possessions, money, resources. But read on for this story from Christian Investors about some new ways to shape our generosity.

We hear about people – or, in fact, are those people – who are generous and who donate resources to a nonprofit or who give money to an important cause. However, that may be as far as many of us go when thinking about generosity – a tangible, practical approach that encapsulates some type of monetary action.

But we’d be remiss if we stopped there, since generosity is about so much more! At its core, generosity proceeds from our hearts (what we value) and our minds (how we see generosity’s importance in our lives).

It’s not strictly a financial exercise.

When we look deeper into how we practice and experience generosity, here are a few ways you may have never – or at least rarely – heard it explained before.

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