Virtual Lunch and Learn: Unleashing the Power of Impact Investing

Please join us for a Virtual Lunch and Learn focused around Impact Investing. We have an incredible line-up of panelist to share about Impact Investing in general, along with specific projects that are currently open. We have chosen to use a webinar format to protect your privacy. You will not be solicited by any organization on this webinar, but we will provide panelist contact information after the webinar if you want to connect more deeply. Please feel free to share this opportunity with others you think may be interested in joining.  

June 23, 2020
12:00 – 1:30pm CT

Our Panelists

Aimee Minnich
Co-Founder, Impact Foundation

Richard Lackey
Chairman/CEO of the World Food Bank
Henry Kaestner
Co-Founder/Partner, Soverign’s Capital

Rod Brenneman
Former CEO of Butterball, Impact Investor
Jeff Haanen
Founder/CEO Denver Institute for Faith and Work

Zach Fay
Founder/CEO, Lightgliders

Please contact Matt Farmer with any questions.