Change of Address

NCF Northwest
1700 Seventh Avenue

Suite 1820
Seattle, WA  9810

“Thank the Lord for His provision of this place in which to do His work.  
Pray that He will bless it and fill it with His presence.  
Pray that it will be a place where people feel safe and loved when they meet with us, and pray that it will be a blessing to us each day as we persevere in the work He has given us the privilege of doing.”

This was Kendra’s prayer in June 2010 when we took the leap of faith and moved from our home offices into ‘brick and mortar’ space at Market Place Tower in downtown Seattle. We have been truly blessed these past 10 years in the space the Lord gave us.

When our 10-year lease came to an end this year we trusted the Lord would clearly show us His provision and His best for us. Ironically, at this point in history when ‘working from home’ is now the norm, we thank Him for the provision of new space at 1700 Seventh Avenue. We trust this is part of His plan and we pray that He will cover it with His Spirit, blessing all who enter.

We would love to share this gift with you!

Please come visit us when you feel comfortable.
The coffee will always be on.
Our new conference room is equipped with video teleconferencing capabilities and we are always willing to share.
If you, your clients, or your supporters are mailing physical checks to our office (either personal checks or bank auto bill-pay) please update our mailing address to avoid delay.