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How to help Ukrainian families now

How to help Ukrainian families now

NCF Northwest family, we hear you!

You care deeply about our brothers and sisters in Ukraine — where 70% of the population are Christians. In addition to your prayers for peace, you want to donate to organizations providing meaningful support to Ukrainian families. What a great moment for faithful stewards in the Body of Christ to reflect the love of our Savior!

Here are three local, NCF approved charities who would welcome your grants. Thank you!

International Christian Response

ICR’s international ministry has been providing support to persecuted Christians for more than five decades, enabling them to proclaim the Gospel and plant churches in 44 hostile countries, including Ukraine. For example, ICR supports dozens of pastors and congregations in Ukraine, and funds numerous initiatives for children, along with major projects throughout the war-torn nation. As the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, ICR will continue to have boots on the ground in the impacted areas. With a growing network of approximately 100 churches in the area, ICR is moving quickly to provide help for persevering believers, and enable hope. Our teams are also supporting Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Ukraine and refugees from the country with food, clothing, medical care, and the provision of safe locations.

Medical Teams International

Currently, Medical Teams is coordinating with multiple partners to send crucial supplies to Ukrainians in need. Specifically, Medical Teams is partnering with Integra, a multi-faceted humanitarian foundation based in Slovakia, to send supplies into Ukraine. Additionally, we are providing the Ukrainian-American Cultural Association with 26 pallets of medical supplies from our warehouse to send into the country. Furthermore, we mobilized a team to assess the humanitarian needs in the region. This first-in team is evaluating how Medical Teams can best support the growing health needs of the displaced Ukrainian population and will be followed by a second team to provide direct assistance. The current situation on the ground and in neighboring countries where refugees are going is chaotic. Thanks to your support, our staff quickly responded to the needs in and around Ukraine.

World Relief Seattle

Many of you have been expressing solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people. Over one million Ukrainians have already fled Ukraine. The United Nations estimates that up to 5 million Ukrainians may flee abroad. World Relief Seattle has already resettled over 2,000 Ukrainian refugees since 2014, and we stay committed to welcoming refugees and asylees who are fleeing persecution.  We invite you to pray for peace, for the safety and wellbeing of individuals and families fleeing Ukraine, and for Ukrainians throughout our community whose family members are affected by the crisis.

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