COVID – 19 Local Resources

Dear NCF Orlando Family,

How we, as a community and nation, are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis is an opportunity like none other to make an impact for the Kingdom by meeting current and immediate needs. This webpage is designed to encourage you with stories of compassion and kindness, provide readings and articles meant to be encouraging and thought provoking, and provide a few potential areas where needs certainly exist. Like Joseph in Genesis 41, maybe the Lord has filled our storehouses “for such a time as this.”

Coram Deo,
Tim & Team

Selected Readings:

Thoughtful articles to help navigate the times…

  1. Andy Crouch, Kurt Keilhacker, and Dave Blanchard (Praxis Journal) – Leading Beyond the Blizzard
  2. Scott Maxwell (Orlando Sentinel), Orlando Charities Offer Lots of Ways to Help During Coronavirus Crisis
  3. Robert Nicholson (Wall Street Journal), A Coronavirus Great Awakening
  4. NCF, 20+ Charities on the Frontline of the CVID-19 Battle
  5. NCF19 Simple Ways to Love your Neighbor
  6. Lydia Dugdale (First Cure for What Ails Us
  7. Andy Crouch (Praxis Journal)Love in the Time of Coronavirus
  8. David Brooks (New York Times)Screw This Virus!
  9. NCF, The CARES Act: What it means for your giving

Four Local Giving Areas

1. Consider especially vulnerable populations like the homeless and the hungry.

2. Consider low income, working parents of kids who are home from school.

3. Consider healthcare workers and our healthcare system.

4. Consider your local church and other small churches that could use assistance.

  • Many churches will face financial challenges as they evolve their ministry model due to social distancing. Please keep our church leaders in your prayers.  
  • Some smaller churches may not have access to online giving.  If you know of a church who needs help with this, please let us know.