New year, fresh Giving Strategy

A plan. A carpenter doesn’t build a house, a general doesn’t go to war, a shopper doesn’t go to the grocery store, and a Coloradan doesn’t head into the backcountry without one. 

For example, I love to take my kids snowshoeing and I enjoy splitboarding. When I’m all in on something—like spending time in the mountains—I want to be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible. So, I recently completed a two-day training to learn how to avoid and detect an avalanche and rescue someone in the event of one. When I’m in the backcountry, I have a plan.  

Maybe you’re not scaling snowy mountain ranges, but I bet you have a business strategy, an investment strategy, or a health strategy. 

What about a Giving Strategy? 

We so often enter into our charitable giving haphazardly and engage in something that God speaks so frequently of without an intentional plan. 

If you desire to be more faithful, generous, and fully alive, we believe it starts with a Giving Strategy. 

New year, fresh Giving Strategy
The start of a new year is when many of us set strategies and SMART(ER) goals for our business, financial, and personal lives. This year, consider applying those same strategies to generosity—or revisiting old ones. A Giving Strategy might mean the difference between your family being challenged over money or growing closer together through a shared,  purpose-driven vision; the difference between providing your local nonprofit with new soccer balls or a new playground; or the difference between teaching your children to donate here and there haphazardly or making kingdom impact an enduring trait of your legacy. 

By exploring your unique Giving Strategy, you’ll uncover opportunities to connect your giving to God’s story and experience more joy as you pursue a life of generosity and true abundance.

A strategy for giving can profoundly affect your faith, your family, your legacy, and the way you steward all that God has given you. When you create a Giving Strategy that encompasses these areas of your life, the benefits can be numerous.

Start your generosity journey
So, what’s next? Start a conversation with us to explore your unique giving opportunities. Explore opportunities to reflect and connect with what God wants for your generosity journey in our Giving Strategy Guidebook (get in touch for a copy). You can also browse our collection of generosity resources, featuring hundreds of books, podcasts, videos, and other materials from top Christian generosity leaders in NCF’s new Generosity Library.

In the winter, I’d never head into the mountains without snow tires and the proper gear. A strategy makes all the difference—for backcountry exploring and, more importantly, for God’s purpose for your life. Our heart is to help givers like you create or refresh a Giving Strategy that empowers you to be radically generous and live a life of true abundance. We’re here to prayerfully support you as you seek God’s will for your generosity journey.