Cornerstone Fund

Your long-term charitable giving solution

Enjoy powerful experiences, customized service, reduced administration, and maximum charitable impact.

A strong foundation for your long-term giving

Throughout history, placing a cornerstone was the first and most important act in the building process, giving strength and support to the entire structure. In this same spirit, the Cornerstone Fund anchors your long-term giving strategy. This is a personalized donor-advised fund that offers key advantages and the flexibility and innovations you expect from NCF.

Charitable planning

Refine your generosity calling and strategy with help from NCF’s local and national expert charitable planners.

Funds for your family

Engage the next generation in generosity by opening no-cost Giving Funds for your children and grandchildren age 18-26.

Enhanced grantee research

Explore causes and charities through customized research from NCF’s team to help you maximize your charitable impact.

Special pricing

Costs for a Cornerstone Fund start at 44 bps and scale down, making it best suited for funds with balances of about $2.5 million or more. For lower balances, a minimum charge of $950 per month will apply, and NCF flexibly allows for separately managed accounts at no additional cost.

Comparing a Cornerstone Fund vs. Giving Fund

Our two most commonly used donor-advised funds have distinct benefits that go beyond this list below. However, this side-by-side comparison highlights several key benefits you may wish to consider.

Cornerstone Fund
Giving Fund
Contribute cash and securities
Secure online and mobile giving (24/7)
Quarterly & annual statements
Dedicated NCF Relationship Manager
Enhanced grantee research
Free Giving Funds for children or grandchildren
Waived incidental and convenience fees
Cost (annualized)2
44 bps (0.44%)
100 bps (1.00%)
Monthly minimum
1 In some, but not all cases.
2 Costs start at these rates and scale down.

Important considerations

When you open a Cornerstone Fund, you join a community of families who are experiencing greater joy and impacting the causes they love. Consider these reasons so many others have chosen to place their Cornerstone with NCF. 

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The perfect solution

For years, the nearest Young Life camp for kids in the Midwest was hundreds of miles away, but NCF givers Clyde and Sue Lear decided to use their Cornerstone Fund, a donor-advised fund, to break ground on a new camp close-by in Missouri. “NCF’s Cornerstone Fund is the perfect solution for my family’s long-term charitable giving,” Clyde says. “Now, we have peace of mind that we’re truly maximizing our giving potential.”

Place your cornerstone today with NCF.

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