Renee Porter-Medley, CFP®, CKA®, MPS

Wealth Advisor
Renee Porter-Medley

Southwest Florida Community Board Member

Renee is a Wealth Advisor who specializes in planning during the pre and post retirement phase of life and providing advice for investment portfolios designed to sustain desired lifestyles and levels of giving. She is intentional about helping individuals become better prepared for significant life events, such as becoming a widow or widower and for the potential need for long term care. A care plan involves more than just medical or financial matters and it is especially important for men and women on their own.

Of equal importance is developing your family dynamics/ legacy in terms of your personal, rather than just your financial, impact on the next generation. Renee shares resources to help families discover and develop their individual and collective potential and more effectively encourage and equip each other to accomplish their purpose in each phase of life. This is about more than wealth and estate planning; it is about helping families leverage wealth to realize potential and fulfill a sense of purpose or desire to make a difference.

Renee regularly recommends ways to enhance charitable giving and or volunteerism as a way to make a difference and increase a sense of well-being. Philanthropy is also a wonderful way for families to connect around shared values and passions.

Renee’s expertise has been developed from years of experience in financial planning, investment advisory services and from studies with experts in behavioral finance, emotional intelligence, organization development and change management. She combines her knowledge with that of her Key Private Bank Team to work together to serve individuals and families as effectively as possible.