Your NCFSF June 2021 News

At NCF South Florida, we exist to serve you. We believe that by investing in, equipping, and uniting South Floridians, we’ll make our region the best place to live, work and raise a family. Keep reading to learn how we’re continuing to serve you this month.


Join with us and individuals all over South Florida on the first Wednesday every month to pray and worship around a focal theme. This month’s theme: reset.

Our team loves the summer time – for our team, this is a time to slow down, take some time for self-care, and then reset for the upcoming season. In a sense, the summer is our “Sabbath” season.

Our friends at The Bible Project say this about the Sabbath:

“The seventh day is like a multifaceted gem. One of the main facets is the fabric of creation as leading toward a great goal where humans imitate God and join him in ceasing from work and labor. But there’s going to be another facet that’s all about being a slave to our labor. And so the seventh day is a time to celebrate our liberation from slavery so that we can rest with God.” —Tim Mackie, “The Restless Craving for Rest,” 7th Day Rest – Sabbath.

Whatever your plans are for this summer, we encourage you to join with us in finding time to simply rest with God. It’s only in time spent with Him that we can find real rest from our labor in order to reset for what lies ahead.


Just like how we’re called to let go of control of our time, God also calls us to release control of our possessions, too. We believe God is the one that really owns our assets, we’re simply called to be his stewards, or managers, of what he’s entrusted us. Be inspired by the Cantrell family and how they turned one of their assets into a gift to benefit Mission of Hope.


Looking for a way to boost your business? Convene may be the answer. Statistics show that 85% of Convene member companies outperform those in their industry. We so believe in the transformative power of Convene that we’ve formed a local partnership here in South Florida – learn more today.


Last month, our team launched Mission Increase South Florida, a community of Christian ministries working to implement a biblical approach to fundraising to grow and more fully-achieve their God-given missions. MI South Florida is a collaborative initiative of NCF South Florida and Mission Increase and is able to offer teaching, coaching, consulting, and even matching grants, all at no cost to ministries.


“For most of the week, we run around providing security and basic needs for ourselves. But Sabbath rest is about stopping to recognize that our lives and provisions ultimately come from God. And while he might be leading us through a wilderness at the moment, our ultimate future hope is in God’s plan to rescue and renew our world.” —Tim Mackie

Check out this Bible study on the Sabbath created by Tim Mackie at The Bible Project. It includes a meditation, video and some reading and reflection questions. Whether you just engage with a part of it or the whole thing, it will challenge the way you view the Sabbath.