NCFSF Surfside Response

As our neighbors in Surfside suffer one of the most devastating events in our state’s history, we want you let you know that we have activated our Disaster Relief and Crisis Fund. This fund is activated during times of crisis and serves as a designated resource to provide hope, help, and healing. Whether through our invest, equip or unite initiatives, NCFSF has always made a commitment to collaboratively respond to the pain of our community well after the news cycle has ended – Surfside is no different. We have an initial and immediate goal of raising $75,000.

Where will the funds go?

We already have a request from a trusted, vetted community partner for crisis and trauma related counseling for victims’ families and first responders. 

Our goal is to fund vetted immediate needs and also fuel the long-term recovery efforts of local churches and agencies on the ground in the Surfside community. Contributions made to the Disaster Relief and Crisis Fund will be used towards those efforts both in the short and long term. 

We are in touch with local churches, community nonprofits, as well as state and local officials who are serving on the ground in Surfside and have communicated our commitment to journey alongside them for the long-haul. 100% of funds raised through our Disaster Relief and Crisis Fund will be used effectively and efficiently; there are no administration fees or other associated overhead costs, guaranteeing that the full amount of your gift goes directly to the long-term relief and recovery efforts of victims’ families and first responders. 

How can I contribute? 

If you are an NCF fund holder and would like to make a contribution, it’s easy to make a fund to fund transfer – click here to learn more.

If you are not already an NCF fund holder, you can make a contribution to the Disaster Relief and Crisis Fund using the button below. 

If you need assistance making a contribution, please contact Lycet Corbo.

Lycet Corbo
Director of Giver Services