Spiritus Relief Stories: Human Trafficking to Nursing

Corina Miller, a victim of human trafficking, just started her journey of ‘independent living’ after being a resident of Glory House of Miami. The Glory House is a Christ-centered non-profit organization devoted to healing and restoring the lives of those who have suffered the abuse and exploitation of human trafficking.

Corina is currently part of the CNA Program with Miami Dade Medical Campus Center and is getting ready to graduate and then begin nursing credits. Since the coronavirus has forced all schools to go virtual, Corina would not have been able to continue her studies or graduate without access to a computer.

Your contributions to The Spiritus Relief Fund allowed NCFSF to provide Corina with her own personal laptop, which will allow her to finish school and begin a new chapter in her professional career.

The laptop was delivered to her on her birthday as she turned 20 in 2020; we don’t think it was a coincident that she was also baptized last week. How incredible to be a part of this life changing story!