Spiritus Relief Stories: Ministry Collaboration to Provide a Home for the Homeless

Shanterria found herself in dire need when the COVID-19 pandemic set it. Working 40 hours a week as a call center technician and separated from her children, Shanterria was pregnant with another child and living out of her car. She began taking parenting classes with Ema South Florida, whose mission is to lower the  number of children in foster care through prevention and mother advocacy, to achieve her goal of getting her finances stable and being reunited with her children.

Ema connected with another local ministry, HomesUnited, to find a home for Shanterria. HomesUnited work with investors, churches and third-party organizations to provide single-family homes for homeless individuals. Together, Ema and HomesUnited found a home, and thanks to a grant from The Spiritus Relief Fund, Shanterria, 6 months pregnant at the time, was able to move into a safe home, allowing her to continue her classes with Ema and create a safe environment to raise her newborn. Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church took it another step farther and gifted Shanterria with a stroller, car seat and all the baby supplies needed.

On Tuesday April 28, 2020 at 3:01pm Shanterria gave birth to a healthy baby boy and continues to get the support needed through Ema to create a better life for herself and her young family.