Spiritus Relief Stories: Tablets for Isolated Seniors

As COVID-19 continues to cause increased restrictions and closures around the globe, people everywhere are encouraged to practice social distancing and limit interaction with others – this is particularly true for older populations that are at a higher risk. This same demographic is also at a higher risk of isolation and loneliness, particularly those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, many of whom almost never get visitors to begin with.

In an effort to help curb increased loneliness, isolation and depression while most nursing homes are not accepting visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Church United is partnering with Heart2Heart Outreach, a local organization committed to mobilizing volunteers to visit nursing homes, to provide digital resources so that they receive “digital visits” during this time. They have donated tablets set up with Skype and Zoom (a video conferencing software) to nursing homes so that residents can keep in touch with their loved ones or a volunteer from Heart2Heart in lieu of a physical visit.

The first delivery of digital visits was incredibly moving. A daughter was waiting outside a facility ready with device in hand while her mother received the tablet in the inside. Once connected, the virtual contact was so overwhelming that everyone was brought to tears: a family finally reconnected, seeing one another face to face. From contributions to The Spiritus Relief Fund, NCF South Florida is buying 250 more tablets pre-loaded with The Bible App, Skype and Zoom to fill the void of loneliness for our seniors in need.

We believe it won’t stop there, this is just the beginning of an incredible new initiative.