The Angel Relief Fund: Loving Our Neighbors for the Long Term

At NCF South Florida, we are working with best-in-class nonprofit, church and NGO partners both in South Florida and the Bahamas to develop and deploy a long term response that is focused on strengthening the spiritual and social needs of those effected by this devastating storm. Through The Angel Relief Fund, we are responding to the immediate critical needs of Bahamian people and also fueling the long term rebuilding efforts. 

The  Bahamas will still be feeling the impact of Hurricane Dorian long after most have forgotten about the storm. Please continue to lock arms with us in prayer and consider contributing to The Angel Relief Fund to support the long-term restoration of the Bahamas. 

If you are an NCF fund holder and would like to make a contribution, it’s easy to make a fund to fund transfer:

  1. Log in to your fund and select “Transfer”
  2. Enter Fund Name “The Angel Relief Fund” and Fund ID “294210”
  3. Proceed to complete the rest of the form.

If you are not already an NCF fund holder, you can make a contribution to The Angel Relief Fund using the button below (click to learn more about Giving Funds).

If you need assistance making a contribution, please contact Lycet Corbo.