5 ways you can pray for California during the fires

“When I smell fire, I pray,” says NCF California President, Bryan Feller. With at least 10 active blazes burning in different places throughout the state, it can be difficult to learn about needs and figure out where to help. Still we can pray, and there is much to pray for.

Here’s how you can join Bryan and our other neighbors in California from wherever you are right now:

  1. Pray for the many people who have been displaced and whose lives and property have been devastated by fire. Pray that they do not lose hope in the coming days.
  2. Pray for supernatural safety for first responders, that God would give them the upper hand against the fires and a strategy to quickly contain the blazes.
  3. Pray for the hospitals, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and other personnel treating the sick and the injured. Pray for healing for those who have been victims of the fire.
  4. Pray for local churches and families who are welcoming and serving their hurting neighbors. Pray for staff and volunteers to sensitively minister in the love of Christ to people in their distress so they might draw them closer to him.
  5. Pray that other fires might not form this season, and for the Santa Ana winds that have been fanning the flames to be stilled.

Photo: ABC News

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