China forbids children from churches

Since introducing new religious regulations in February to align “religion with Chinese characteristics,” China continues to tighten its grip on religious rights in the name of unification of the country.

According to the new regulations, religious leaders must “conduct religious activities in the Chinese context, practice core socialist values, carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation, and actively explore religious thought which conforms to the reality in China.”

One church in Luoyang in Henan province was required to display the Chinese flag. Across the country, churches are reportedly facing increasing pressure to align with the Communist Party, including, in some areas, replacing crosses with the national flag and displaying pictures of China’s President, Xi Jinping.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing regulations is the new announcement in some areas that children are not allowed to attend church services, which suggests the beginning of efforts to stunt the growth of Christianity for emerging generations.

Read the full story at Open Doors.

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