Couple hold New Year’s Eve charity wedding, packing food for the hungry

NCF givers have granted almost $2 million to this charity, so we thought you might like to hear Adam Claude and Chara Juneau’s love story, which started with them packing meals together.

This New Years Eve, surrounded by 75 friends and family members, Adam and Chara wed at Feed My Starving Children’s Coon Rapids location.

The bride, holding a bouquet of delicate white flowers, walked down the aisle while holding her father’s arm. Juneau’s mother helped her fashion her white tulle skirt. Afterward, guests and the wedding party slipped on the charity’s signature hairnets and packed meals for an hour, grooving to music chosen by the couple. The meals will be shipped to feed hungry people in Sierra Leone.

The couple, who describe themselves as minimalists, said a big, extravagant reception would have felt out of character with their values.

“We wanted the day to mean something,” the bride said.

Claude, 37, owns his own IT consulting firm. In his free time, he has co-founded Christian groups and served at Feed My Starving Children. Juneau, 35, is a wedding photographer who says she has seen, firsthand, how weddings can take on a life of their own.

Marrying at a food-packing facility was an unusual idea, but for this couple, it made sense.

Read the full story at Star Tribune.
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