Deadlines for your year-end giving

As Christmas approaches, so do some of NCF’s final year-end giving deadlines. This is a friendly reminder to have a look at some key dates in our downloadable PDF.

Our hope is that you will help us plan accordingly and ensure all gifts and grants are processed before we celebrate our Savior’s birth and say farewell to 2019.

Remember, you can still:

  1. Give now, grant later
    Contribute to your Giving Fund now to meet the December 31 deadline for tax deductions. Then take your time to recommend grants at your convenience.
  2. Leverage your assets
    Use your Fund as an easy way to give tax-smart gifts of non-cash assets like publicly traded securities or business interests. This strategy can help you plan for your most generous year ever!
  3. Share the joy of generosity
    Teach your kids and grandkids, or inspire your employees with a Giving Fund of their own.

Feel free to reach out if we can support you in any way at

Photo: Eric Rothermel, Unsplash

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