Move over Black Friday – #GivingTuesday is the better deal

It’s easy to know when the year-end rolls around in America. November is ushered in with ads for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that continue a fever pitch of sales and marketing through December.

But when the smoke clears from the rush of it all, what will you and your family really have to show for it?

Enter GivingTuesday, the quiet little day after that brings global impact and participation. While it doesn’t get as much air time as consumer events, we believe a day set aside for generosity is something that we, as givers, can all get behind.

So, this year, let’s make GivingTuesday – December 1 – the spark that ushers in a more generous spirit in our families and communities, just when we need it most. After all, giving reminds us that we need each other and that there is much that unites us.

Here are 10 ideas to help you celebrate GivingTuesday:

1. Gather ‘round your Giving Fund – If you’ve set money aside in your Giving Fund, this is a perfect day for granting. Log on with your spouse, or your children and grandchildren, to decide what causes are important for you to support as a family.

2. Multiply with matching gifts – Consider sponsoring a match for one of your favorite charities. This is a powerful way to help influence others and increase the impact of your gift in a year when the need is great.

3. Give to something new – Research a new cause or charity that catches your attention on GivingTuesday and consider branching out of your giving comfort zone, with your money or your time.

4. Inspire the next generation – Get the young people in your life involved by starting the generosity conversation and helping them give or volunteer. For ideas on how to engage children or grandchildren, here are 10 ways to inspire generosity with them.

5. Encourage one another – Challenge a friend, your spouse, or a young person to do at least one act of kindness on GivingTuesday such as assisting a neighbor or running an errand for someone.

6. Connect globally – GivingTuesday has grown into a global movement celebrated in more than 60 countries. Visit the GivingTuesday site to see what’s happening in one of the countries you love and how you can get involved.

7. Dream big – Research the history of #GivingTuesday. Since 2013, the action galvanized by a single hashtag has snowballed. What can you dream up to spur greater giving?

8. Post an #Unselfie – Make a post on social media that shares a message about why you give back (download the template here). Use the hashtags #GivingTuesday and #unselfie.

9. Brainstorm some new ideas – Schedule a group call with your extended family, your Sunday School class, small group, book club, or other group to brainstorm some ways to give back together. For ideas, visit the official GivingTuesday site.

10. Keep the goodness goingLog into your Giving Fund to set up recurring grants to the causes you love on GivingTuesday so they can benefit from steady support that lasts all year.

We hope these ideas help you embrace your year-end with new energy for generosity and make GivingTuesday one of your favorite holiday traditions every year.

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