Video: It’s never too late to give with a Giving Fund

While TV and web ads are counting down how many shopping days are left before Christmas, you may be counting down how many days you have left to give before year-end.

And if the holidays aren’t busy enough, you also have to make time to sort out your year-end giving decisions. But not if you have a Giving Fund.

Here’s how a Giving Fund, also known as a donor-advised fund, allows you more time and more flexibility, right when you need it most at year-end:

  • Give now, grant later: To qualify for a 2018 charitable deduction, make a charitable contribution to your Giving Fund by December 31. Then, you can take time to pray and decide which charities you’d like to recommend grants to after the holiday rush.
  • Give stock: Your Giving Fund makes it quick and simple to donate appreciated stocks, securities, and mutual funds. In fact, donating stock directly to your Fund allows you to avoid the capital gains tax, so you can give more.
  • Give anonymously: Perhaps you’d like to be a secret Santa this year for one of your favorite causes. It’s easy to recommend an anonymous grant through your Giving Fund.

Already have a Giving Fund? Share the joy of giving with friends and family this holiday season.

Don’t have a Giving Fund? Open one now, or contact us to learn more.

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