Podcast: The humanitarian habits of religious people

This story comes to us from the Sweet Charity Podcast, by our friends at Philanthropy Roundtable. Learn why Christian giving is essential to the common good of our country, even if most non-religious Americans don’t recognize it.

“Secularism is not good for society. Secularism makes people very fragmented. They might talk about community, but they aren’t sacrificing their own personal goals for community, as religion requires you to do.”

– Tim Keller

By Karl Zinsmeister

A majority of all Americans tell pollsters that they think efforts to help the poor, comfort the needy, and otherwise serve the common good would be just as prevalent “if there were no people of religions faith or religious organizations to do them.” But, as a factual matter, that is emphatically untrue. When investigators document how people spend their hours and their money, religious Americans look very different from others.

Learn how research proves that the life and giving of Christian Americans is essential to community and country.

This podcast was excerpted from the Almanac of American Philanthropy, by Karl Zinsmeister and is shared here with permission from Philanthropy Roundtable.

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