3 ways to grow more generous through prayer

Have you ever considered how prayer is interwoven with generosity?

Prayer itself is an act of giving that can change the condition of your heart toward others, which can lead to a more generous spirit. Spending time with God and reflecting on the ways he might use you to do his will is where giving begins.

Here are three ways to embrace giving through prayer this week:

1. Make it a habit to bless others

Pray for opportunities to bless others such as neighbors, friends at school, strangers you meet, and people you don’t get along with. Then, be open to God’s “interruptions,” or timely opportunities to bless someone that might require you to put aside your normal plan or schedule for the day.

Idea: With your family or friends, spend a few minutes at the beginning of the day to take turns praying a specific blessing over one another

2. See people as God sees them

Ask God to help you look deeper, and consider other viewpoints and perspectives. Pray to see a person’s heart, rather than their external trappings.

Idea: Share an example with someone else of a time when God changed your heart regarding a difficult person or situation through prayer

3. Be creative

Consider creating a customized prayer calendar with specific prayer requests each week from your family, friends, and the charities that you support. Or you could use a missions-type calendar that lists a specific people group each week with the needs of the group.

Idea: Position a calendar with prayer needs near the dinner table, and pray before each meal for those you’ve listed on each day or week

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