Video: Beauty out of brokenness

Once, John and Ashely Marsh were broken, seemingly without hope and beyond repair. But God met each of them in unexpected places, and began a restoration project.

They have translated their personal redemption into a redeeming work, bringing hope to their own town and across the country. But the good work they’re doing didn’t happen overnight. They spent years investing in each other, and in their work.

John remembers standing in a “junky old house that kinda represented our junky old life, just broken and needing of everything.” Then he cried out to a God he never knew, and “Oh my gosh, he was there all along,” John says. But Ashely didn’t believe him.

Months later, in a puddle of bitter tears, Ashely too was saved, and asked herself “What if this is real? What if [John] really is that person who has changed? What if that means you can change? What if that means there is something greater in you?”

There was something greater, a better marriage, a thriving city, and a business that builds community, helping others with broken stories realize that all is not lost.

John and Ashely are the proprietors of Marsh Collective, a conglomerate of business ventures dedicated to resurrecting the city of Opelika, Alabama, and a consulting firm teaching leaders in other cities how to do the same. Through this vulnerable recounting of their past, the Marshes share how healing in their broken lives became their inspiration to bring hope to others through business.

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