Video: Driving trust with Don Flow

When Don Flow graduated college, his father asked him to join the family business ­– a Volkswagon dealership. But Don had a more-detailed plan in mind.

He wanted to go to seminary to get a solid grounding in his faith. Then, he would come back to the dealership, do every job that people did there and get paid exactly what they got paid.

“I remember working as a technician (and I’d been a very good student along the way),” Don says. “I remember struggling … working on this exhaust manifold … I get rust in my eyes, and it’s burning up hot. I’m like, ‘Why am I doing this? I could be in graduate school right now!’”

But he wanted to actually experience the struggles everybody went through when they did their jobs. “I did that for four years, and then I went back to graduate school,” he says.

When it came time to run his own business, he asked himself some questions: “What space has God given me to have influence? What does it mean for me to actually live love in that setting, and what does it actually mean to bring hope to people’s lives and encourage them as people?”

So he deconstructed the car business.

Everything we do is about building trust,” Don says. His employees are proud of their work. Customers know they’re cared for. People are never taken advantage of. These are the goals.

“The first thing has to be trust, to be a person and an organization that is trustworthy.” It’s pretty easy for car dealers and repair shops to take advantage of people. But Don works to ensure that it can’t happen at his dealership.

Watch the video to hear more about how Don works toward trust in his car business.

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