100 Shares Tampa Bay

The Heart of Our Ministry
Won’t YOU Join Us?

Share the Gospel!

God loves us; He died for us! 
His Spirit calls us to spread His Good News!


You have been BLESSED
to be a BLESSING!


Through seeking God,
you can choose your level of involvement. 

We want you to be a part of a transformational gift, made possible by God, but also by YOU! 

To join us, we just ask that you :

~Act on your generosity by pledging $1000 annually for five years
~And as a partner, choose to participate in any of the below events 

The purpose of these events is NOT to overwhelm your calendars, but an opportunity to fellowship with like minded women, and witness transformation in the Tampa Bay Area.


Home Events: Coffees, luncheons or dinners for fellowship or prayer.
Fall Coffee: Gather for breakfast and an opportunity to hear presentations from the Charity Finalists.
Site Visits: Actually go on site to the ministries selected and hear from their staff and development officers about what the charity is doing and what the grant will do for their future.
Spring Luncheon: Be a part of the excitement when the charity is presented with their gift from all of us!
Committee Work: Want to do even more? Participate on a committee and use the gifts given to you by God to further generosity in Tampa Bay!

To join us, or for more information, please visit the 100 shares website