Commonwealth Tampa Bay

Tampa was transformed from a poor, isolated fishing village when Henry B. Plant’s railroad reached the city in 1883.  The railroad enticed Vincente Martinez Ybor to move his cigar factory from Key West to Tampa.  This tandem of Ybor’s proximity to Cuba for tobacco via sea and Plant’s railroad to take the product to the US made Tampa the “Cigar Capital of the World.”

The interstate highway system and establishment of MacDill Air Force base continued to diversify and accelerate the Tampa Bay regional economy.  Yet, 1 in 5 Tampa children live in poverty and the after-effects of segregation means all residents don’t have the same access or opportunity for a good life.

Commonwealth Tampa Bay is building impact investing deals to bring more economic opportunity to all Tampa Bay citizens. It operates as a 501c3 and uses Donor Advised Funds to make Mission Related Investments.  Watch this video to see how it works.

Commonwealth is a city-based platform designed to accelerate the supply of high impact investing opportunities through two techniques:

  1. A venture competition and an online marketplace
  2. Commonwealth will create first-ever visibility into the quality deals that already exist and use its consulting services to make these businesses more market-ready.

Companies that deliver both economic and social returns while improving Tampa’s quality of life are encouraged to apply.  The competition features three questions:

  • What socio-economic problem are you addressing?
  • What is your company’s solution?
  • How do you deliver profit to investors?

To enter our Venture Competition or to refer a friend, visit the Commonwealth Tampa Bay website.