COVID-19: Day 2

I have the enormous privilege of being in a Tuesday morning group with 15 great men.  Among them is my dear friend, John Busacker.

John shared with our group this past Tuesday that the Bible has a number of stories about 3 day events.  Each involves a really bad Day 1, a Day 2 where the future is determined, and a Day 3 in which God’s purposes are established.

In John’s stories, each “Day” may in fact have been a single day.  Or, it may have covered a more extended period of time.  His focus was on demonstrating that we go through experiences that can be divided up among the bad, the ugly and the good.

Jonah had a really bad Day 1 when he was swallowed by a fish.  Not sure what Day 2 was like inside that fish, but it had to be pretty ugly.  On Day 3 he was spewed back out on the beach heading in the right direction.

Saul of Tarsus did not see it coming on that Day 1 when he was knocked off his horse and blinded.  On Day 2 (actually three days) his sight was restored and Paul the Apostle began to emerge. He was equipped for what was ahead. During Day 3 he wrote a whole bunch of inspired letters to a variety of cities, and those Epistles in the New Testament continue to change the world.

And, of course, Jesus had a brutal Day 1.  Unjustly convicted, tortured and crucified.  On Day 2 He descended to set up His Father’s purposes from hell to Heaven.  He then ascended on Day 3 creating our road to redemption where He sits at the right hand of the Father and advocates for us.

In our men’s group, John suggested that COVID 19 has us in a Day 2 reality.  We have been hit worldwide with a really bad Day 1.  We are in an ugly Day 2 where the future is being determined.  Those of us who love the Lord know, however, that we are headed toward a very good Day 3 where tremendous opportunities for God’s Kingdom will abound.

We do not know how long Day 2 will last.  While it may seem like we are “in the belly” or “blinded” or “in the tomb” we also know that the Spirit of the Lord is alive and moving to establish God’s purposes on Day 3; whenever that dawn may break upon us.

During this Day 2, may we find peace in trusting Him.


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