COVID-19: Let Hope Prevail

Amongst those in ministry leadership it is often said, “the Church is not a building.”  In these uncertain times, this reality has new and profound meaning. Over the past two weeks, we have all experienced a range of emotions from confusion and fear to hope and inspiration. In our conversations with the NCF community over the past weeks we have seen a growing desire to respond to the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual needs of our neighbors, communities, and the churches, organizations, and ministries that stand in the gap.  

At times like this, churches and non-profits are being asked to do so much more while facing the same financial realities as the rest of the marketplace. Thus, it is critical that we all take inventory of our priorities and give thanks to our most generous God for all He has provided!  Let’s remain steadfast in our charitable commitments to the organizations that are reliant on our support, and lean into our faith in an abundant God as we stretch to give more following the lead of our Heavenly Father.

Love Your Neighbor

Are you interested in creative ways to love your neighbor? Read this article on 19 Ways to Love Your Neighbor Right Now: Click Here

Help by Giving Blood

There is a critical need for blood donations across the country and right in your own community. Interested in helping out? Click Here

Help Sew Masks

While front-line caregivers have a need for commercial grade masks for protection, there is a need for additional protective masks for hospital volunteers and other first responders. Do you know how to sew? If you would like to help out Click here

Steadfast Commitment

Over the past week we’ve received word from numerous churches and non-profit organizations that are depending on the financial support they receive from their regular committed givers. In these challenging days, churches and non-profit organizations are faced with endless opportunities to serve in their own congregations and beyond. Simply put, they are being asked to do so much more and yet we need to make sure they are not asked to do so with so much less. Please prayerfully consider continuing your financial support of your local church and the non-profit organizations that are counting on all of us to live in faith in this time of need.

Help Feed Kids

With hundreds of thousands of children and youth out of school across the Upper Midwest, school districts and non-profits are stepping up to provide both food and emotional/spiritual support in this time of need. Many of these students rely on their schools to not only provide two meals a day, but also to provide a safe space and loving adult relationships that may be lacking at home. We’ve worked with members of the community who comprise the NCF Twin Cities Generosity Council to identify a handful of organizations that they would recommend. If you would like to learn more Click Here


In the midst of this challenging time it is critical that we pause to pray… to lean into our Savior and be reminded that Jesus is Lord! We encourage you to take time throughout your day to pray for your loved ones, for our leaders, for our churches, for our businesses, and for our first responders and care providers. Our team stands at the ready to pray with and for you. Feel free to send us prayer requests at or simply give Jeff a ring at 612.288.2228.


Stories are powerful! We can see throughout the Gospels that our Lord Jesus encouraged, inspired, and challenged those He met through His ministry with stories. We would love to do the same. If you have stories of God’s work in, through and around you in these difficult times, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps your story might be of encouragement and inspiration to others. Email us your stories at